A day before Spring Festival travel rush of a female bullet train chief conductor

Liu Yuting (Photo/People’s Daily Online)

As this year’s Spring Festival travel rush is about to kick off, People’s Daily Online recorded a working day of a chief conductor of a bullet train running from southwestern China’s Chongqing municipality to Beijing on Dec. 21, tracking the busy and meaningful work of the ordinary railway worker.

The chief conductor Liu Yuting has been working onboard for seven years and was promoted to be an advanced worker by the Chongqing Railway Bureau for her excellent performance.

The train G574 that she manages departs Chongqing at 8:04 am and arrives in Beijing after 11 hours and 38 minutes. Thanks to the high-speed rail service, it now takes much less time to commute between the two cities.

Liu woke up at 6:00 am, and soon went to her workplace after cleaning and putting on makeup in a very quick manner.

When the train departed, Liu had completed all preparation work, including patrolling, ticket-checks, and security checks.

She told People’s Daily Online that compared with normal-speed trains, the bullet trains have better environments and are faster and more comfortable.

After an on-arrival patrol in Beijing at 7:53 pm and document filing, Liu was finally freed from her busy day and started watching movies and eating snacks at her dormitory. Apart from being a chief conductor, Liu is still an ordinary woman that loves doing girl things.

She told People’s Daily Online that she was not able to stay with her family for most of the time due to her job, and her dream was to invite her family to her train to experience her services.

According to Liu, she takes great interest in her job and Chongqing is attractive to her because of its mountainous landscape and a famous local attraction – hotpot.

“I’m honored to be a train attendant,” she said proudly.