A close look at China’s first domestically-produced aircraft carrier

China is now carrying out system debugging and fitting its first domestically-produced aircraft carrier in Dalian, northeastern China’s Liaoning province.

According to information disclosed, the aircraft carrier is 315 meters long and 75 meters wide, and its deck is as large as 3 football fields.

Statistics show that the new aircraft carrier has a similar displacement to its predecessor the Liaoning, with thousands of cabins inside of its body.

The rich deposit of equipment manufacturing is the main reason why Dalian was chosen as its place of production.

The special steel used for the manufacturing of the aircraft carrier.

After three years of research and development, the country finally succeeded in making a special kind of steel that is needed for the manufacturing of the aircraft carrier. It is so strong that an aircraft landing on it will not scratch it.

In addition to the qualified materials, China has trained 2,400 professional welders who work 24 hour shifts in the narrow cabins to produce the ship.

The bridge is the brain of aircraft carrier. That is where the command tower, flight control office, operations room, and radars are located. Compared with the bridge of the country’s first aircraft carrier the Liaoning, the new one is smaller. The smaller size not only provides a clearer layout, but also provides more space for aircraft aboard the ship.

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