5G technology turns operating room into surgery demonstration area

(Southcn.com/Gao Long, Zhu Jian)

A hospital in Guangzhou, capital of southern China’s Guangdong province, recently carried out a chest surgery using 5G technology, marking the first time that 5G has been used in this way in the province.

The operation, connected live to another hospital in northern Guangdong’s remote Yangshan county with 4K HD cameras, boosted the application of advanced 5G technology in medical practice.

Wang Wenlin, a chest surgery expert at Guangdong No.2 Provincial People’s Hospital, led the surgery, which was seen as a demonstration for doctors at the Yangshan-based hospital.

With the help of 5G technology, the surgical technique will help more doctors carry out similar operations, Wang said.

Wang visited over 20 hospitals across China last year to introduce his surgical techniques for chest deformities. Now, 5G-based live streaming can better promote his method and therefore benefit more patients.

Before the surgery, Guangdong No. 2 Provincial People’s Hospital had signed a cooperation document with China Telecom Corporation Limited Guangzhou branch and Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. to form a 5G-based smart medical service system.

Tian Junzhang, head of Guangdong No.2 Provincial People’s Hospital, said that the hospital would take the lead to become a pilot hospital for 5G applications in the province and offer more remote demonstrations of surgeries under the 5G network.