3,271 cargo train trips between China, Europe made in first 11 months of 2017

3,271 cargo train trips have been made between China and Europe in the first 11 months of 2017, Chinanews.com reported Tuesday.

Testing for new routes will start next year, said a plenary session of a transport coordinating committee of China-Europe freight trains recently held in Chongqing municipality.

According to Wu Yuntian, secretary of the committee, 6,235 trips have been made between the two places since the start of operations till Nov. 30.

The China-Europe freight train service now links more than 30 Chinese cities with 30 European cities in 10 countries.

The scope of the transported cargo has also expanded from IT products to clothing, vehicles, food, wine, coffee beans, wood, furniture, chemicals, and mechanical equipment.

The service operator aims to increase the number of trips to 4,000 in 2018, with 1,500 ones bound for China.

In addition, a sharing platform of refrigerated containers will be established to meet the growing demand for cold-chain transportation, Wu noted.

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