World’s first tactile exoskeleton unveiled at industry fair in Shanghai

The world’s first tactile exoskeleton was unveiled at the ongoing 2017 China International Industry Fair (CIIF) in Shanghai.

The 5-day event, which kicked off today, exhibits a series of cutting-edge technologies, such as an artificial heart with magnetic levitation, a non-surgical hearing loss device that transmits sound via the teeth, and 3D metal printing.

The exoskeleton Fourier X1 is the world’s first tactile lower-body robot. It is able to adjust the gait through force feedback. The assistance it offers could help people with both hemiplegia and lower-limb amputations regain the ability to walk.

The exoskeleton is currently going through clinical tests to check its safety and reliability, a staff of the exhibition said, adding that it is expected to be available in the next year or two.

More of the latest scientific innovations and applications will also be presented at the fair, such as the world’s first artificial intelligence chip for smart phones, the most advanced facial recognition technology, and China’s self-developed deep-learning laboratory.

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