Victims to Apple account fraud have varying experiences with getting reimbursed

Several Apple users in China have reported losses from their accounts in recent days, ranging from several hundred yuan to thousands of yuan. The cases have sparked concerns about the security of Apple accounts, reported on Oct. 11.

A user surnamed Zhang in Anhui in east China said that someone stole his Apple account on Oct. 1, spending 3,000 yuan ($433) over several transactions to purchase mobile games.

On Oct. 10, Alipay, the leading payment provider operated by Ant Financial Services Group, released an alert warning on Weibo, saying it had detected risks of stolen Apple accounts and suggested that users set lower transaction caps to limit risks.

Security risks for Apple accounts have been detected before, said chief technology officer of Team Pangu Chen Yexuan, who suggested users set up two-factor authentication to avoid possible hacking attacks.

Zhang contacted Apple to recoup the loss, submitted required documents for compensation and soon after that he received the reimbursement. But some users said they haven’t received any compensation.

A lawyer in Beijing said Apple should take responsibility for protecting users from the risk of data leaks or account theft, and if not, users can contact Apple to have their losses reimbursed.