Survey says Chinese overseas returnees have advantages in starting own businesses

A recent survey conducted by China Youth Daily shows that 83.1 percent of the respondents say that Chinese overseas returnees have more advantages in starting their own businesses, reported on Sept. 12.

Compared with domestic entrepreneurs, respondents say that returnees enjoy advantages in starting their own businesses, including international perspective and forward-looking vision, favorable policy support, and better foreign language communication skills.

Owing to the continuous increase of China’s comprehensive national strength and implementation of the innovation-driven development strategy, China’s demand for overseas returnees, especially high-level talents, continues to rise, said Lang Jing, vice president of the Chinese Returned Overseas Scholars Entrepreneur Parks’ Alliance.

Data shows that the number of Chinese overseas returnees has hit 2.65 million by the end of 2016, among which 432,500 Chinese overseas students chose to return to China in 2016 alone.

The returnees have become a new force in start-ups.

The fields favored most by the returnees include the Internet (60 percent), electronic communications (51.5 percent), and innovative technology (48.8 percent).

However, the survey also shows that returnees are faced with weaknesses, including a lack of understanding of the domestic market, operating experiences, as well as financing and capital support in starting their own businesses.

Lang, therefore, reminds that despite the favorable domestic entrepreneurial environment and preferential policies, returnees still need to promote their own strengths, better understand the domestic entrepreneurial environment, and make full use of the platforms to achieve success.

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