Smart! Pet duck can clean its own face

It’s common for people to keep dogs and cats, but pet ducks are rarely seen. A couple in Harbin, northeastern China’s Heilongjiang province was seen walking their pet duck at the city square on August 15. The scene attracted a number of passers-by.

According to the 70-year-old man surnamed Shan, the duck is named Yaya. It seems the smart bird understands his instructions. When Shan said “hug”, it stopped walking and waited for him. It was even more amazing that the duck dipped its head into water when Shan told it to clean its face.

Shan explained that the duck was bought 9 years ago by his grandson and they have since kept it as companion. Most of the time it remains in the cage at home. It is a “vegetarian” that eats whatever Shan and his wife offer.

The couple used to travel to warmer southern China in winter, but they have stayed home for most of the last 9 years because of Yaya. Every time they take a walk with the duck, many people gather to greet them. As a result, they have made many friends because of the bird.

“Yaya has brought joy not only to us, but also to people who see it; and that makes us happy,” Shan said.

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