Shanghai salmon expected to be first exported to Australia

Salmon processed in the Songjiang district of Shanghai is expected to be exported to Australia for the first time ever if relevant review is passed next year, China News reported on Dec. 6.

According to the Songjiang Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, an evaluation group will be sent to review salmon processing enterprises in Shanghai next year. If relevant review is passed, 2,000 tons of salmon in Shanghai will be exported to Australia, creating a $50-million-dollar market.

If the review is passed, salmon of the district will be exported to Australia. Gaining market access to Australia is of great strategic significance for Chinese food to go global, and will improve Chinese food’s international status, according to the bureau.

China and Australia signed the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA) in late 2015, after which the two sides reached a cooperative intention to export China’s salmon to Australia on March 29 this year due to their strong willingness to export products to each other.

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