Scientists succeed in developing non-transgenic rice that helps control weeds

Chinese scientists have developed a new kind of non-transgenic rice that grows well with weed control methods at a test field in Shenzhen, southern China’s Guangdong province, Science and Technology Daily reported.

Scientists say that the breakthrough is expected to increase the value of production of each mu, or 0.067 hectares of rice field, by 120 to 300 yuan ($45).

The Guangdong-based team is led by Deng Xingwang from Peking University and Dr. Tang Xiaoyan under China’s Thousand Talents Program, which aims at bringing Chinese-born experts back from abroad.

Weeds in rice fields can be removed once and for all after using herbicides, and the rice seedlings will not be harmed, Tang said.

The clean growing mode has proved successful at test fields in many places across the country, including Sichuan, Guangdong, and Anhui provinces. The breakthrough has also been applied to wheat, corn, and rape cultivation.

In addition, the develop team has formed a coalition with research institutions, seed companies, and agro-chemical companies to promote the clean growing mode.

In 2010, Tang returned to China from the US and started testing the new rice variety.

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