Palace Museum launches exquisite original lipsticks

The full collection of the lipsticks released by the Palace Museum, December 9, 2018. /Photo courtesy of the Palace Museum Cultural and Creative Store

China’s Palace Museum, striving to promote traditional Chinese culture, recently launched a lipstick collection featuring six colors on T-mall, an e-commerce platform under Alibaba.

Both the lipstick colors and the lipstick packages aroused a huge sensation on Chinese social media, and three of the collection colors were sold out soon after they were released.

The colors, including “Lang Yao glaze red,” “bean paste red,” “Tourmaline purple,” “Rose-purple,” “Mermaid pink,” and “Maple red,” were all inspired by the valuable relics collected by the Palace Museum.

Lang Yao glaze red

The package of this color is inspired by the costumes of the imperial concubines in the Forbidden City. The fairy cranes, lingzhi mushrooms as well as the traditional Chinese painting of water created an extremely elegant atmosphere.

Bean paste red

The package of this color also draws inspiration from the costumes of the imperial concubines in the Forbidden City. Blue, a simple color, had dozens of variations in ancient China, while the blue on this package was more preferred by the imperial women.

Maple red

Yellow was the most honorable color in ancient China, which represented sunshine and glory. It was also a color only for emperors and empresses. This package was designed upon the costume of the empress, delivering a sense of royalty.

Mermaid pink

Ancient Chinese always used “green” to describe the beauty of nature, and green naturally became another favorite color of the imperial family apart from red and yellow.


Inspired by the traditional fans of the imperial concubines in the Forbidden City, the mysterious black package of the lipstick formed a magnificent picture with the flourishing chrysanthemums and flying butterflies painted on it.

Tourmaline purple

The color white embodies purity and elegance. The white package looks just like a world covered by snow where lucky deer are playing around the pine trees.

Besides, the Palace Museum also launched cosmetics with the “fairy crane” and “Tian-tsui (a style of Chinese art featuring kingfisher feathers)” series. Both series include different kinds of eye shadow, blush and lipstick. These original Chinese-style cosmetic products, inspired by the collections in the Palace Museum, feature both exquisite design and high quality. It is believed that they will soon sweep the market as they are so unique.