Modern technologies enriching traditional Spring Festival customs

Robotic window cleaners

Modern technologies have enriched traditional Spring Festival customs, and Chinese culture has also influenced the world with its unique charm during the Lunar New Year, according to a report recently issued by Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba.

Thanks to e-commerce that brings countries closer, the dinner tables of the Chinese have been packed with Chilean king crabs, Boston lobsters, and orange roughies from New Zealand during the Spring Festival.

The sales of aquatic products on Alibaba’s online platform Tmall surged by nearly 300% during the 7-day holiday. In addition, the imports of Chilean cherries were 5 times of those from a year ago.

Artificial intelligence was another highlight during the 2018 Chinese New Year. The sales of cooking robots, robotic window cleaners, dish-washing machines and steam mops respectively increased by 145%, 169%, 188% and 320% year on year on Tmall.

The consumption of Chinese nowadays is no longer focused on basic needs; it shows the pursuit of a better life.

Even the fourth- and fifth-tier cities, as well as the rural regions have unexpectedly shown their interests in smart home appliances. Smart speakers, drones, and intelligent toilets have all been well accepted by modern Chinese farmers, according to the report.

Chinese culture is also having a bigger influence over the world. For instance, the tradition of hanging couplets has become a common practice for global merchants during the Spring Festival.