Infectious disease monitoring system in Sierra Leone built with aid of Chinese medical experts

An infectious disease monitoring system has been successfully established in Sierra Leone with the aid of medical experts from the Academy of Military Medical Sciences of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, China News reported on Sept. 7.

The monitoring system, based on 22 monitoring sites across the country, has handled over 8,000 reported infection cases since it was first put into use in August 2016, reporting on and monitoring more than 30 infectious diseases involving 40 symptoms in the country in real time.

Sierra Leone suffers from malaria, typhus, monkeypox, Ebola, and other infectious diseases, and has had difficulty in dealing with the diseases due to inadequate medical infrastructure.

Zhang Shitao, director of the academy, said the system is able to provide Sierra Leone with direct access to data on the monitoring and early warning of diseases, epidemic analysis, and timely scientific decision-making.

In order to safeguard the operation of the system, experts from the academy also travel to monitoring sites in Sierra Leone to offer professional training to medical staff to ensure accuracy, timeliness, and reliability of data.

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