Gourmet chef Dong Keping publishes a new book

China’s celebrated food and wine critic Dong Keping recently published his new book Chi Xian’er: A Notebook of Dong Keping. The book publication ceremony and celebration were held at Grand Hyatt Beijing at Oriental Plaza on August 12.

The ceremony and celebration drew on the participation of more than 300 people, most of which were Dong’s fans who wanted to buy the book at the event. The book Chi Xian’er, which literally means “eating freshly,” features more than 50 essays of Dong’s latest dining experiences and his thoughts on the food and wine industry.

Following Dong’s last bestselling book Shi Qu’er, Chi Xian’er provides readers with in-depth knowledge and history of a variety of Western and Chinese cuisines and dishes. It’s an interesting book not only for foodies but also for people working in the food and catering industry.

Source: Global Times

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