Foreigners create website to introduce Nanjing Massacre

Cassidy McDonald is working on her project. (Photo: Yangtse Evening Post)

A group of foreigners living in Nanjing has established a website to introduce the Nanjing Massacre, hoping that their efforts can raise Western awareness of the inhuman brutality that occurred in Nanjing in 1937.

“Many westerners have never heard of the Nanjing Massacre. I couldn’t believe such a barbaric tragedy until I visited the memorial hall of the massacre myself,” Frank Hossack, the founder of, a website that introduces Chinese culture to foreigners, told Yangtse Evening Post.

As a Scottish who has been living in Nanjing for 14 years, Hossack has been posting articles introducing the Nanjing Massacre at every anniversary of the horrific incident. His website had posted seven articles ahead of the 80th anniversary of the Nanjing Massacre on Dec.13, introducing historical facts and foreigners who helped Chinese citizens during the war.

Cassidy McDonald, an American student who wrote one of the articles, told Yangtse Evening Post that she was shocked when she saw the evidence of the massacre, noting that she would unveil the truth she knows about the tragedy.

“I’ve never heard anything about Wilhelmina Vautrin back in the States, despite the fact that she had saved many Chinese refugees during the war. I’m writing an article for a U.S. media outlet to share her story with Americans, as well as the truth of the Nanjing Massacre,” said McDonald.

Being a Christian missionary in China for 29 years, Vautrin is well-known in China for her care and protection of a large number of Chinese refuges during the Nanjing Massacre, while her diaries have become solid evidence confirming the Japanese invaders’ brutality.

Japanese troops killed about 300,000 civilians and unarmed Chinese soldiers in the 40-day slaughter. Despite irrefutable evidence and facts, some right-wing Japanese politicians have repeatedly denied the massacre.

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