Foreign students become couriers in Shanghai during Spring Festival

Foreign couriers recently started serving customers in Shanghai after most of the deliverymen went back to their hometowns for the Spring Festival, reported Monday.

Eighty foreign students in China have been recruited by a special delivery program initiated by China’s e-commerce platform Suning. The platform has signed cooperative agreements with colleges, offering internship and chances of social practice for the students.

According to an employee of Suning, the foreign couriers are required to send New Year greetings to the customers in Shanghai dialect, and they have to understand the “do and don’ts” about the Spring Festival.

Two brothers from Zambia surnamed Baitong and Weimo, studying respectively in Shanghai and Beijing, are currently part of the program. “I feel very special about this experience, since it presents me the authentic taste of the Chinese New Year,” said Weimo.

“We also hope to offer a whole new experience for the customers during the most important Chinese festival,” the employee of Suning said.