Foreign exhibitors optimistic about Chinese market

Visitors taste featured beer of the Czech Republic at its booth in the Country Pavilion. (People’s Daily/Chen Bin)

As an important part of the first China International Import Expo (CIIE), the Country Pavilion for Trade & Investment is designed for countries to showcase their achievements in economic and trade, as well as their featured and competitive products.

The Russian pavilion was packed with people. There was Russian dance that won warm applause from the crowd, as well as investment promotion activities of local governments getting a lot of inquiries from intentional buyers.

Russia’s participation in the expo is highlighted by the enthusiasm of local governments. The country sent delegates from 40 federal subjects for the event, which accounted for nearly half of all federal subjects

of Russia.

Russian local governments have been signing agreements and contracts with Chinese enterprises one after another, said Azad Kareev,director of the public relations department of Russian Convention Bureau.

Such strong willingness of firms from the two countries for investment has not only proven that local cooperation between China and Russia has great potential for further development, but also demonstrates that Russia attaches greater importance to the bilateral ties and hopes to seek common development with China, expressed the director.

There are around 100 Russian companies attending the event, with booths covering an area of 2,000 square meters, according to Anna Belyaeva, executive vice president for international business development of Russian Export Center Group.

Russian enterprises have seen great business opportunities from the expo, which is why they participated in the event enthusiastically, noted Belyaeva. She said that they have established a representative office in Shanghai, hoping to help more Russian companies enter the Chinese market and bring better products to Chinese consumers.

Kornel Heckenast, sales manager of R-Bag Hungary, expressed that they have a lot to bring to China. Bilateral economic and trade ties between China and Hungary are getting closer day by day, said Heckenast, adding that they have already carried out cooperation with Air China and witnessed steady growth in Hungary’s exports to China as well as the soaring of imports from China.

Heckenast believes that with the deepening of cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative, there will be closer cooperation between R-Bag and China.

Heckenast visited business booths of many countries at the expo, including the Czech Republic, Poland, and the Slovak Republic.

Visitors take pictures in the Egypt pavilion at the first CIIE. (People’s Daily/Weng Qiyu)

He noted that Central European countries don’t have a great market size, but the potential of Chinese market is infinite, adding that in cooperation with China, Central European countries shouldn’t compete with each other, but collaborate with and complement each other.

With the glistening statue of Tutankhamun, awe-inspiring seats of Pharaoh ancient Egypt, beautiful lamps with delicate carvings, and fine accessories made of alabaster, the Egypt pavilion enjoys popularity at the first CIIE.

“I’ve always wanted to travel to Egypt to experience the ancient civilization by the Nile. I never thought that I could have a glimpse of it at the CIIE,” a deputy from the trade delegation of north China’s Hebei province said at the expo.

Egypt is among Chinese people’s favorite travel destinations. However, there aren’t many Egyptian products in Chinese market, said an Egyptian named Vigie Dina after her negotiation with Chinese customers.

Dina has received about a dozen batches of businessmen the whole day. Though her voice was a little hoarse, she was very excited about the event. She told People’s Daily that by taking part in this expo, they want to introduce more Egyptian products to Chinese market through cooperation on tourism and culture.

As the investment advisor of the Suez Canal Economic Zone, Dina said her team came to the first CIIE to know more about the Chinese market and find out what kinds of Egyptian products suit Chinese consumers. They also want to draw Chinese firms to invest in the Suez Canal Economic Zone.

“China is a great partner for Egypt regarding exporting goods and attracting investments”, said Dina