Feature: From deaf-mute university student to deliveryman with zero negative reviews

(Photo/Red Star News)

Wang Xinglin now works in southwest China’s Chengdu as a deliveryman, after he graduated with a bachelor’s degree this summer, Red Star News reported on Nov. 12.

Born in Nanchong, a city near Chengdu, Wang lost his hearing at the age of two owing to a high fever. However, the deaf-mute boy persevered, doing extremely well throughout school. In 2014, he passed the college entrance examination for students with hearing impairment and was accepted to the special education college at central China’s Zhengzhou Normal University, where he spent four years studying computer science and technology specialized for deaf people.

After graduating this year, Wang moved back home for three months to be a math teacher at a special education school. Driven by the desire to experience a normal life, in September he moved to Chengdu and hunted for a job as a deliveryman.

Wang only completed 337 orders in the first month owing to his hearing and speaking difficulties, and received two poor evaluations. Besides, as a newcomer to the city, Wang generally spent more time than others finding addresses. To solve these challenges, Wang made full use of his rest time by exploring the city and getting familiar with roads.

Wang has now completed almost 1,000 orders, with no negative customer reviews in the last two months.

“I’ve created a clear picture of roads in my mind,” said Wang. Moreover, what makes him happy are the encouraging and warm messages from customers. He has taken many screenshots to motivate himself.

On the evening of Nov. 8, Wang Xinglin delivered a total of 23 orders, ranking third in terms of order numbers and winning the most likes among his peers. In a video call with a friend who is also deaf, Wang boasted about his achievements in sign language.