Father and daughter admitted to same university

Fifty-one-year-old Peng Xianghu and his daughter from Hebei province were both admitted to the School of Science of Environmental Law at Hebei University of Environmental Engineering, Beijing Youth Daily reported on Sept. 25.

Peng dropped out of high school in 1983 because of family poverty. It has been hard for him to get a decent job without an education.

Peng decided to prepare for the National College Entrance Examination with his daughter, and fortunately, his dream came true.

A teacher at the college surnamed Wu noted that Peng is the oldest student that has ever been enrolled by the college.

Peng said that he discourages his daughter from establishing a romantic relationship during her three years at the college, adding that he hopes she will put more efforts in her study and they will encourage each other in the years to come.

As for future plans, Peng said he will take additional courses after his three years of study at the technical college and try to become a lawyer.

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