Chinese train maker to develop 400kph track-changing locomotives

China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation Limited (CRRC), China’s rail car manufacturer,is devoted to researching and developing locomotives that can travel at speeds of up to400 kilometers per hour and also change tracks to better facilitate rail transportationbetween regions that utilize different track types, the company revealed on May 8.

CRRC’s chairman of the board, Liu Hualong, revealed the plan at a press conference on theBelt and Road Initiative, held by the Information Office of the State Council. The pressconference was hosted ahead of the two-day Belt and Road Forum for InternationalCooperation, set to kick off in Beijing on May 14.

Liu disclosed that CRRC has received orders totaling 10 billion RMB ($1.45 billion) fromMalaysia in past three years. He added that, as a next step, CRRC will produce newtechnologies and products to better adapt itself to international transport andinterconnection.

For instance, when designing motor train units for Malaysia, the corporation createdspecially designed carriages for female passengers as well as prayer rooms, bringingenormous convenience to both operators and passengers, according to CRRC.

In addition, Liu said that CRRC’s products are in 83 percent of countries that containrailways across the world. In recent years, CRRC has received orders from many majorcities including Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and London.

CRRC’s assets abroad have surged from 3 billion RMB up to 20.6 billion in just threeyears, from 2013 to 2016, with its total number of employees climbing from 509 to 4,808in that same period. As of April, CRRC possessed 75 branches in 26 countries and regions,among which 50 were established after the Belt and Road Initiative was put forward in2013.


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