Chinese train maker successfully tests homemade rail transportation control chip

China Railway Rolling Corporation (CRRC)’s Dalian R&D Co. Ltd. confirmed that it has successfully developed and tested a control chip, making the country independent from foreign products, China National Radio reported.

The chip has proved capable of controlling trains during the test at a company lab. It will be used to power the country’s bullet train control systems in the future.

The chip meets the demand for higher speeds and smoother operation of high-speed trains, which current foreign technologies can hardly satisfy.

Chips play an important role in the control network of trains, said Chen Yufei, director of the company’s network technology department.

The domestic chip manufacturing industry, especially the intelligent manufacturing, has been growing rapidly with strong government support in the second half of the year.

The intelligent chip system “Xinyun,” developed by Shanghai-based Fudan University, helped the Long March 4C rocket to send the Fengyun-3D satellite into orbit in November.

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