Chinese construction enterprise builds landmark projects in Russia

China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC) constructed lots of landmark projects in Russia in recent years, displaying “China speed” to the world, Li Jingyuan, minister counselor at the Chinese Embassy in Russia told the Global Times.

A delegation composed of influential users on social media and media journalists were recently invited by (Chinese-language website of the Global Times) to visit the projects in Russia in late 2017.

After overcoming various difficulties, CSCEC finished renovating the permanent exhibition hall of the conference site of the 6th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) in Russia in 2016, ten days ahead of schedule.

The life expectancy of the exhibition hall is about 300 years, said Ren Runbin, deputy secretary of the project, adding that they not only finished the renovation project efficiently, but also made it a classic one.

In addition, the Chinese Trade Center in Moscow, constructed by CSCEC, was also recognized by the city as high-quality sample project.

The center, with a building area of 125,000 square meters, includes a 21-story high-end office building, a 22-story five-star hotel, serviced apartments, multi-functional business centers, and a traditional Chinese garden.

“We are building it into a well-known brand along the Belt and Road, hoping the project can play an exemplary role in Europe,” said Guan Peng, deputy general manager of China Huaming International Investment Corporation, one of the project proprietors.

The Chinese enterprise has advantages over Russian enterprises in high-end projects and those on tight schedules. Some of its techniques are also adopted by enterprises from other countries as reference as the enterprise goes global.

Chen Wenfeng, deputy director general of CSCEC, disclosed that the enterprise will continue to seek better overseas development by cooperating with financial institutions.

(The story is also published on People’s Daily Online)

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