China’s newest bullet train Hexie makes first public debut

China’s latest high-speed train model Hexie, type CRH5G, arrived at Xi’an, western China’s Shaanxi province, on July 6, making its first public debut.

The train will mostly be used for the newly constructed high-speed rail from Baoji to Lanzhou, which will start service on July 9.

Running between two western provinces, the train was developed to resist both cold and sand. The more modern and roomy train will also provide a better riding experience for passengers.

The dolphin-shaped train has a lower center of gravity and less wind noise. In addition, the body of the train has been widened by 10 centimeters. The train is also equipped with onboard Wi-Fi, enabling passengers to remain connected.

According to the Xi’an Railway Bureau, the new model is equipped with China’s first domestically-developed network control system, as well as an independently developed traction system. Over 90 percent of the train’s parts are manufactured China.

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