China unveils first “firefighting” train

China recently unveiled its first “firefighting” train that can arrive at emergency sites immediately after the outbreak of fire, Global Times Online reported Monday.

The locomotive, customized from a flat container car, can run as fast as 120 kilometers per hour. It is equipped with a firefighting container and two can-type water containers, as well as a multi-functional high-pressure fog extinction device. In addition, the train also has a lighting system, warning lamps, alarm, grounding devices and basic hand tools.

The train responds quickly to emergencies, so as to improve the efficiency of firefighting or breakdown rescues along the railway.

Because it can shoot fire extinguishing media as far as 485 meters, the train is capable of putting out fires breaking out on a 16-car high-speed train.

In addition to firefighting, the train can also serve as a water supply device, offering water to trains running in remote and water-deficient areas. Besides, it can clean tracks, bridges and tunnels with the water containers and water torch it carries.