Asia’s largest airline catering center is under construction in Beijing

Construction has started on Asia’ largest airline catering center at Beijing New International Airport, China News reported.

The center will occupy 68,170 square meters of land in southern Beijing and will mainly offer food to flights of China Southern Airlines Co., Ltd. and its agency airline companies at the airport.

Daily supply of the food is designed to reach 65,000 with varieties including Chinese food, western food, Japanese food, Indian food and vegetarian meals.

The Chinese airline company, which owns the center, has the largest number of airplanes in China, the most developed air lines, the largest passenger volume, and covers most areas. Its air transportation scale tops Asia and ranks fourth in the world.

China Construction First Building (Group) Co., Ltd., which ranks 24 on the Fortune Global 500 list for 2017, is responsible for construction of the project.

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