70-year-old artist in Lanzhou reproduces old scenes in paintings

Wang’s painting of local people enjoying the specialty of the city — beef noodles. (Photo/Chinanews.com)

A Chinese painter recently reproduced in his paintings various old scenes found in Lanzhou, the capital of northwest China’s Gansu province, Chinanews.com reported on Nov.6, 2018.

Wang Hongqing, the painter, is in his seventies. He started to learn about painting from his grandfather while they lived together in their old house which had a yard, and his painting career has been rooted since then, said Wang.

In all his life, Wang has never stopped painting. Today, the man managed to recreate on paper not only the old Lanzhou city in his memories, but also the streets and scenic spots that faded away in the vicissitudes of history, as well as the warmth between neighbors.

Photo shows Wang’s painting of the ancient west city gate of Lanzhou-Zhenyuan Gate. (Photo/Chinanews.com)

Photo shows Wang’s painting of the Zhongshan Bridge and White Tower Mountain of Lanzhou about 100 years before. (Photo/Chinanews.com)

Wang’s painting of the train station of Lanzhou in early 1950s. (Photo/Chinanews.com)

Photo shows Wang’s painting of a battle during the Chinese People’s War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression. (Photo/Chinanews.com)