3D zebra crossings painted on Beijing roads to reduce accidents

Recently, 3D zebra crossings have been painted on some of Beijing’s busiest crossroads. These zebra crossings have a three-dimensional effect in both day and night, reminding drivers to slow down when approaching them.

From the drivers’ view, the 3D effect is obvious. According to Liu Shupeng, who works at the Beijing Traffic Management Bureau, the innovative crossings are an improved version of the standard ones.

The white, blue, and yellow colors side by side tricks drivers into slow downing before they find out it is nothing but a zebra crossing.

A coordinator on duty at a crossroad said that the 3D zebra lines have worked well, forcing vehicles to slow down.

They have also received applause from pedestrians. A woman said accidents frequently happen at crossroads between right-turning drivers and pedestrians. She believes the new crossings will help reduce the frequency of such accidents.

However, some drivers wonder if they will lose their function after people get used to them.

The traffic management bureau said they will evaluate their effects and promote them citywide if positive.

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